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atomiser cleaning and ry4 e juice

Awaiting arrival of ry4 e liquid as i am keeen to try it, i have read that its probably the most popular e juice available so i will give my opinion later. Last evening i decided to clean out my ego t atomisers using the baking soda and white vinigar and have to say they are working as new again, one tip if trying this though is to drip a couple of drops of liquid into atomiser before use as its totally clean you will get a burn taste for a while if you don't. simon

new delivery

today i have spent the day marketting and doing seo on  i am expecting my next delivery of white ego t vapourisers within the next couple of day and am looking forward to seeing how popular they are.

week 9

well i am currently on my 9th week not smoking tobacco cigarettes. After starting using the ego t i now find i only use it at home and seem to use the 510 t at all other times. I cannot begin to say how much better i fell and how much money i have saved. It can be difficult to get people to try an alternative to tobacco but once they do i see a postive effect on them especially when they see how much money is saved and just how easy it is.

busy day

I must have been having a busy day today as i have hardly touched .my ego t. I was trying to talk a fella into buying an ego t yesterday as he is a lifelong baccy smoker and his wife hates it, he was having none of it insisting that his baccy was cheap etc etc. it seems you cannot persuad some folks that smoking stinks, kills you etc, what a strange bunch we are. I find it odd how you could go take an overdose for a couple of quid which even the most hardcore smoker will not do but he will very happily spend thousands to do it slowly. I must say i detest the smell of tobacco smoke now but not the vape!!!

why e cigs work for me

If you have ever thought about using an electric cigarette before you probably have the same information as me. most e cigs are made to look just like a normal cigarette which you have to buy refills for, these can work out fairly expensive really so not as great a saving as you might think. I am glad i never used these and whent straight onto the ego t and the 510 t as i can refill the cartridges to my hearts content knowing that my 30ml bottle of e juice will last me the month for £10. The cost savings have been huge since i switched over and i do feel so much better without the smoke!!I am currently trying out a few different flavours of juice also, am liking vanilla a lot at the moment, i can honestly say i do not miss cigarettes at all and i get a good vapour all the time which is very satisfying. i have also found it no problem at all reducing my nicotine dosage and have felt absolutely no withdrawal pangs.