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ego t no sale to hardcore smoker!!!!

Elderly vaper from Finedon Northants with COPD

Had a very nice elderly lady from Finedon Northants come and see me yesterday as her mini e cig usb charger had been misplaced. This lovely lady had COPD lung problems and as a result had to quit smoking, she had been using traditional mini e cigs for 6 weeks and her nurse had said to her this was a great thing to do instead of smoking.
Whilst she was here i let her try a 510t tank system 280mah to see what she thought instead of buying the mini e cig starter kit and her instant reaction was "much more vapour and better flavour" and to top it off no more expensive cartomisers.

e cigarettes don't work!!!!!

Whist out today i was sat parked and fella walks up to me and asks, is that one of those electric ciggy things, yes i said why? As he watched me take a drag on my 510 t he says, they don't really work do they, anyway i said you have just watched me of course they do, no they don't he says there is no nicotine. I spent a few minutes explaining to him how the 510 t works but he just did'nt get it so in the end i said look you have a go, well you would have thought he had won the lottery or something and i had a job to get it back off him. He eventually asked where he can get one so i give him a business card and bid farewell. Big surprise when i check emails, he actually went home and bought the ego t starter kit, i did not see that coming at all and has made me smile since i saw it.

busy day

I must have been having a busy day today as i have hardly touched .my ego t. I was trying to talk a fella into buying an ego t yesterday as he is a lifelong baccy smoker and his wife hates it, he was having none of it insisting that his baccy was cheap etc etc. it seems you cannot persuad some folks that smoking stinks, kills you etc, what a strange bunch we are. I find it odd how you could go take an overdose for a couple of quid which even the most hardcore smoker will not do but he will very happily spend thousands to do it slowly. I must say i detest the smell of tobacco smoke now but not the vape!!!