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electronic cigarettes trade Northants

I am inviting any Northamptonshire vapers to discuss products that they are looking to purchase that will be added to our list as time goes on. We are  about to start supplying largest battery disposible electronic cigarettes to Northants pubs and nightclubs. we are going to supply 300mah battery disposibles only in black and with blue light, the idea behind this is so there is no confusion between our e cigs and a real tobacco cigarette and we will never supply disposibles looking like a traditional cigarette.

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simon on 28 January 2013 15:44
When you mention e cigarettes most will think of the cigarette lookalikes, whilst these are by far the most common they are in my opinion the most expensive way to get into vaping. Because of the nature of vaping you are dependant on good batteries for one thing and for the most part cigalikes only have upto 280 mah batteries as opposed to ego batteries starting at 350mah then 650mah, 900,mah, 1100,mah so that takes the worry out of finding yourself needing a puff and your battery is flat!!! Secondly despite all the false claims of cartomisers being equaling the same as 30 cigarettes this just isn't true and usually only really equal to around 10 at the most and can cost as much as £7.99 for 3!!!With an ego plus a vision clear atomiser the vapour is larger the throat hit is stronger flavour is better even with lower nicotine levels and e liquid costs a lot lot less. Its a no brainer.
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