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new customers

Well firstly i would like to say thankyou to all the customers from the last couple of weeks. I am pleased to say that is starting to gain customers from all parts of the uk aswell as in the Northamptonshire area which is great. I have had a number of customers locally who have visited me at home so they can try out the different types of e cigarette for themselves and have to say the ego ce4 is coming out as the best option for large vapour and good flavour also the ce5.
From next week i will be stocking a 280 mah black with blue led tip e cic 510 tank version which are very good with longer lasting battery and very cheap to run and also look great.

saferciggie 510 t ego t hybrid e cigarette

Hi well for me, me electronic cigarette needs to give a large vapour as well as a goog flavour, secondly a good battery life. I absolutely love my ego t and my 510 tank and have recently been using my 510 atomiser with my 650 ego t battery and it has proved to be a top vaping cig. I always preffered the 510 vapour and flavour over my ego but got fed up with always charging batteries and now since i use with my ego battery i seem to get even better vapour and flavour and battery last amazing. I am going to add this as an option to my shop next week as it is also a little more discreet than the ego t

supplying more e liquids

BeFunky ego  t black the most popular electronic cigarette in the worldTo all northants vapers, do you have a local pub, club that you vape in as i would like to hear from you From August we will be stocking more e liquid and traditional mini re chargable e cigarettes as a cheap introduction for folk to try out vaping  before hopefully moving onto more serious kits like the ego t or 510 t refillables saving them an absolute fortune

electronic cigarettes trade Northants

I am inviting any Northamptonshire vapers to discuss products that they are looking to purchase that will be added to our list as time goes on. We are  about to start supplying largest battery disposible electronic cigarettes to Northants pubs and nightclubs. we are going to supply 300mah battery disposibles only in black and with blue light, the idea behind this is so there is no confusion between our e cigs and a real tobacco cigarette and we will never supply disposibles looking like a traditional cigarette.

special offer!!!

For a limited time only ego t price for a pair in gift box just £25.99 so grab your self one of the top of the range electronic cigarette now!!!!!!!!!!

atomiser cleaning and ry4 e juice

Awaiting arrival of ry4 e liquid as i am keeen to try it, i have read that its probably the most popular e juice available so i will give my opinion later. Last evening i decided to clean out my ego t atomisers using the baking soda and white vinigar and have to say they are working as new again, one tip if trying this though is to drip a couple of drops of liquid into atomiser before use as its totally clean you will get a burn taste for a while if you don't. simon

new delivery

today i have spent the day marketting and doing seo on  i am expecting my next delivery of white ego t vapourisers within the next couple of day and am looking forward to seeing how popular they are.

week 9

well i am currently on my 9th week not smoking tobacco cigarettes. After starting using the ego t i now find i only use it at home and seem to use the 510 t at all other times. I cannot begin to say how much better i fell and how much money i have saved. It can be difficult to get people to try an alternative to tobacco but once they do i see a postive effect on them especially when they see how much money is saved and just how easy it is.

e cigarettes don't work!!!!!

Whist out today i was sat parked and fella walks up to me and asks, is that one of those electric ciggy things, yes i said why? As he watched me take a drag on my 510 t he says, they don't really work do they, anyway i said you have just watched me of course they do, no they don't he says there is no nicotine. I spent a few minutes explaining to him how the 510 t works but he just did'nt get it so in the end i said look you have a go, well you would have thought he had won the lottery or something and i had a job to get it back off him. He eventually asked where he can get one so i give him a business card and bid farewell. Big surprise when i check emails, he actually went home and bought the ego t starter kit, i did not see that coming at all and has made me smile since i saw it.

ego t e cig nicotine reduction programme

Right i will explain how to free yourself from the nicotine burden using an ego t or other e cigarette. Outlined is the way i have done it.
When i purchased my ego t i also bought a 30ml bottle of tobacco flavour e liquid and used for 3 weeks and never once felt the need to buy fags saving me lots right away.
the next 3 weeks i used 12 mg nicotine and never changed my vaping habit at all and because the vape level stays the same i never even noticed and another thing my silly cough had gone.
Next 3 weeks i ised 6 mg juice and admit first few days i seemed to vape a little more but after that i was as normal and have to say i truly did not miss tobacco at all!