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Tab blended tobacco

A little review of Tab blended tobacco flavoured e liquid.
Flavour is nice and smooth with a definate tobacco like flavour and also i slightly nutty type aftertaste. Whilst i am not really a tobacco e liquid vaper this and ry4 would definately be my choice flavour and odes go some way to remind me of tobacco cigarettes.

Kiwi Mix E Liquid

Now i have to say when i first opened and used this one i was a little dissapointed. With such mild flavours of kiwi, strawberry and apple i was concerned but as i continued to use this 10ml bottle i can only say it got better and better!! It seems that this is definately one e liquid that needs to breath "steep" because i really do like this mix.

Plans to ban e cigarettes in europe

Please sign this petition if you vape and want to continue freely!!!!!!!!!
 This might be your best chance of doing something positive for products that are truly positive to the health of smokers so share your stories of how much your personal health has improved since you switched to vaping.
My personal experience is nothing but positive from the moment i switched!!!!!! The very next day my lungs felt clear and i could take a deep breath without coughing something i had only felt on the few times i had given up cold turkey.

wow!! juicy peach e liquid

Today i have taken delivery of juicy peach e liquid 70%pg 30% vg and it is superb!! a real peachy flavour that vapes very very well and gives a near as damn it flavour and aftertaste. I can see this being in my top ten favourite liquids firmly next to strawberry.
20 ml 18 mg £7.99 inc delivery

coconut pineapple rum e liquid

Today I have been trying out hangsen Coconut pineapple and rum  e liquid and it is lovely. First the coconut hits you then the rum and finally the pineapple kicks in and lingers. I must admit this took me by surprise and i did really enjoy it. To sum up a very interesting vape with very good throat hit at 18 mg
10ml £4.95  20 ml £7.99  30ml £9.99 50ml £14.99 all with free delivery

E Liquid flavour reviews

Kicking off with Hangsen strawberry. This without a doubt one of my favourite fruit flavours to vape, the flavour is very good like a strawberry starburst the vapour is good and leaves a pleasant aftertaste available in 18mg  10ml £4.95 inc free delivery or 20ml £7.99 free delivery 30ml £9,99

CE4 atomisers, Best so far, still vaping as new

This week i am a little gutted. I have been running an experiment on the CE4 atomiser for over 6 weeks now and i dropped it on the floor and now it has a little crack and a slight leak. Until this happened i was cleaning it out once a week and using as my only atomiser and i can't fault them considering they are considered a cheaper less adaptable version to say the CE5, in my experience they are far more robust. In my opinion by overcomplicating some other modelsy by having detachable heads etc you just increase the likelyhood of leaks.

CE4 testing review and cleaning info

After testing me CE4 clearo atomiser for a full month now i am pleased to say that for your average vaper i will be supplying these as standard from now on. The CE4 is so easy to fill, clean etc and gives an even better vapour and throat hit than the original ego t and at £4.99 offer amazing value for money.
 The vapour these produce is amazing and i was a little worried that it was producing too much for me personally but i have to say it is much more satisfying. The flavour and throat hit is a lot more intense than the ego t and the fact that it holds more e lquid means a lot less fiddling and i can honestly say 100% no leaks!

Elderly vaper from Finedon Northants with COPD

Had a very nice elderly lady from Finedon Northants come and see me yesterday as her mini e cig usb charger had been misplaced. This lovely lady had COPD lung problems and as a result had to quit smoking, she had been using traditional mini e cigs for 6 weeks and her nurse had said to her this was a great thing to do instead of smoking.
Whilst she was here i let her try a 510t tank system 280mah to see what she thought instead of buying the mini e cig starter kit and her instant reaction was "much more vapour and better flavour" and to top it off no more expensive cartomisers.

growing slowly

Due to having gained more customers and interest in vaping e cigs i will be adding more products very soon. I will be adding more eliquid flavours and lower strenghs and hoping to carry a lot more e cig spares ie larger/ smaller batteries, a larger range of atomisers and mods for the more serious vapers.
I am currently looking at possibly supplying the lava tube but until i have tested out for myself this is just a possability.