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Why choose a variable voltage e cigarette
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Atomisers for use with advanced mods

When you decide to upgrade to a more advanced mod suck as Kanger Subox, Istick etc that are designed for sub ohm vaping. In basic terms sub ohm means you get a whole lot more vapour production. There is just no comparison  if you are currently using an ego, pen style e cigarette. With pen style e cigs the wick is very small and cannot feed the element fast enough to get a very large vapour and because of this are prone to burnt hits, sub ohm coils are far larger and designed to absorb many more times the amount of liquid and thus can keep up with demands of the mod without burnt hits which nobody wants.

why choose variable voltage

When you choose your first e cig kit we generally go for the cheapest. A standard e cig kit such as an ego ce4 type kit can be bought for very little money nowadays but it will not be as good as it seems. For most people an ego battery with a ce4 clearomiser will usually be enough sway a person towards or away from vaping. When these first came out everyone would agree that they were the business but things have certainly moved on. More up to date clearomisers have changeable coils so no need to throw away the whole unit like you do with the ce4's, you can also get very good dual coil atomisers with varying tank capacities and some of the better ones even have airflow adjustment!

Clearomisers explained

Clearomisers are basically e liquid tanks with a wick and a heating element, the wick soaks the liquid and draws it up to the heating coil where it heats the e liquid and releases the steam vapour

Clearomisers are the tops of the e cigarette that produce the vapour and hold the liquid.
Basic such as the CE4 are disposable and last around 4 to 6 weeks before the coil is spent and you replace the unit. When the coil is spent it will leak a small amount of liquid into the battery connector and produce less vapour.

Why choose a variable voltage e cigarette

When deciding to switch to vaping it is a good idea to choose a good all round kit, firstly when in social situations you might like something a little more compact in size. In our vision spinner 1300 mah starter kit you have a standard ego 900mah battery with a standard ce4 clearomiser, this e cigarette gives a good vapour and is quite compact while also having a very good battery life.
The vision spinner 1300mah on the other hand whilst slightly longer and rounder really makes a lot of difference in terms of the vapour produced.

fight for vaping now

I am really pleased to see so many people switching to vaping and ignoring cigarett lookalikes. I have always been totally against these underperforming e cigarettes  and their overpriced cartomisers. personsally I think these should be looked at regarding the claims of being equivalent tov40 cigarettes etc but due to investment by large companies inc tobacco  manufacturers I fear these will become the only e cigs legally available in the future. big tobacco and pharma are all for mrha regulations as then they will have a monopoly on vaping and governments will get their cut. I urge everyone to fight against this and the underhand tactics of the greedy few.   simon at

RY6 E Liquid

I have recently taken stock of the Hangsen premium RY6 tobacco e liquid and having given it a try yesterday I can say it is extremely close to tobacco. Admittedly not really a cigarette tobacco but a mild cigar/pipe tobacco. Whilst I am not really a fan of any tobacco liquids apart from RY4 as I have a sweet tooth I could definitely vape this one all the time.

virginia tobacco e liquid

Personally this is a harsh bitter flavour and in some ways very much like rolling tobacco although i personally would adjust flavour by mixing with tab blend or flu cured.

flu cured tobacco e liquid

Flue cured tobacco has the strongest flavour and taste of all tobacco e liquids i stock, like all of the stronger tobacco e liquids it carries quit a strong aftertast and aroma and i a favourite with a lot of former rolling tobacco users.

555 tobacco e liquid

555 is very similar to tab blend tobacco but with a stronger flavour and a longer lasting aftertase. This tobacco blend as with flu cured has a strong definate vapour smell which can be adjusted by mixing with a standard tobacco or sweetening with caremel etc.

RY4 tobacco e liquid

My all time favourite e liquid apart from the fruit flavours, The strongest flavour is the tobacco but is made slightly sweeter with the very subtle addition of caramel and vanilla making this a very good all day vape. If i had to choose any liquid to use all the time then this would be the one.