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And more impotantly, why choose the Ego Vision?
The Ego vision gives double the amount of vapour you get from a cigarette lookalike has a far greater battery capacity and costs a whole lot less to run. Whilst mini e cigarettes have their place and can be usefull in certain situations they just do not compare to the Ego Vision series. For what you get these can be pretty expensive to run considering the cost of cartrdges at around 3 for £6.99 in the shops and wild claims of being   the equivelent of 30 cigarettes per cartridge. From my personal experience these claims are complete nonsense and the reason i do not promote them, UNLESS YOU REFIL THEM!
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How do electronic cigarettes  work ?
E cigarettes work by using a battery for power and atomiser to heat a nicotine flavoured e liquid causing a flavoured vapour which can be inhaled safely delivering nicotine in the same way as tobacco cigarettes and gives the sensation of smoking. By getting the nicotine via e cigarettes rather than burning tobacco you are cutting out some of the main risks linked to cigarettes. Cigarette smoke not only contains nicotine but tar, carbon monoxide and hundreds of other cancer causing chemicals proven to cause cancer and heart and lung disease
E cigarettes contain NO tar and NO carbon monoxide
Nicotine alone is not responsible for causing cancer and is generally considered no more dangerous than caffeine so from a health point of view giving up tobacco is a no brainer considering ther is a credible alternative by using electronic cigarettes instead.For a heavier smoker i would recommend the ego Vision as it gives maximum battery life and huge vapour.
Smoking proves a costly habit for worker
A CIGARETTE cost a smoker £730 – after he was spotted having a puff in his work van.Window fitter Graham Firness, of Kiln Way, Wellingborough, was seen smoking on October 19 by environmental health officers from Milton Keynes Council.Firness was issued with a Fixed Penalty fine of £50 but he refused to pay so it went to Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court.He was charged under the Health Act 2006 for smoking within an enclosed work space while carrying a passenger.Firness, who was representing himself, pleaded not guilty but magistrates found him guilty, fined him £130 and ordered him to pay costs of £600 last Thursday.