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An introduction into electronic cigarettes uk and why they could prove to be the best thing to ever happento smokers. Since we smoke only to get our nicotine fix it would seem a terrible shame that we have to inhale thousands of toxins through tobacco to achieve this. Lets face it tobacco is not really a pleasure its just the inhaling part and the nicotine hit that derives any pleasure but unfortunately brings along so many unpleasant features with it. Even as a smoker i was always very aware of how unpleasant it is to be near someone who smokes, the smell is truly awful.
Electronic cigarettes give you the opportunity to enjoy the satisfying vapor and the nicotine hit without the unpleasantness, now what could possibly be better than that!!! well there is one thing MONEY. As a daily smoker in the uk you will spending up to £7 a day on cigarettes! A DAY and £140 a MONTH! this is crazy. The cost of running an electronic cigarette after purchase will be around £40 a MONTH saving yourself a whole lot of money and improving health also.
Once you have started using your electric cigarette starter kit you take away the carbon monoxide which on its own is deadly, people use this as a method of suicide for gods sake!!! secondly no more tar entering your lungs and increasing your risk of OPD and lung cancer. As I found my breathing improved instantly, my skin now glows instead of having that grey tinge and I feel dramatically fitter. Unlike tobacco cigarettes where you light up and continue to smoke until finished ( which I used to do even though half the time I did not really need it) with electronic cigarette vaping you tend to puff as you normally would after a meal etc. but just a couple of puffs and put it down again, so all in all I probably take in half the amount of puffs I did with cigarettes.
I can honestly say I have never missed a tobacco cigarette since I started vaping and I thoroughly enjoy trying out all the flavours available on the market in particular vanilla.
E LIQUID or E JUICE as it also known
There are around 2 hundred different flavours available now and nicotine strengths from 24mg down to 0, I personally am on 0mg nicotine now as i gradually reduced my intake. Nicotine is a poison as anyone will tell you but is not the killer in tobacco cigarettes, the SMOKE is!!. even if you have never smoked your body will contain nicotine as it is present in vegetables etc and in small amounts is no more harm than caffeine. If you do a search there are actually some positive benefits from nicotine intake so perhaps its not the awful drug we all believe. E liquids contain Propylene glycol an organic compound that is  colourless, nearly odourless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste, and Vegetable Glycerine both tested and widely used in the food and medical industry, they also contain nicotine and flavouring.
For more information click link below to judge for yourself and i am sure you will agree the risks are minimal in comparison to tobacco
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