Plans to ban e cigarettes in europe
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Plans to ban e cigarettes in europe

Please sign this petition if you vape and want to continue freely!!!!!!!!!
 This might be your best chance of doing something positive for products that are truly positive to the health of smokers so share your stories of how much your personal health has improved since you switched to vaping.
My personal experience is nothing but positive from the moment i switched!!!!!! The very next day my lungs felt clear and i could take a deep breath without coughing something i had only felt on the few times i had given up cold turkey. I will admit to a sore throat and slight tickly cough for a week or so but this passed quickly and i imagine a sideaffect of giving up so many toxins my body was used to from the cigarettes.
 Its been almost a year now and my nicotine intake level is only 6 ml and i have no intention of going back to tobacco EVER if anything i cannot stand the smell of it anymore!!! I CAN RUN without my lungs feeling like they are going to explode and my skin is bright instead of grey from the carbon monoxide, my blood pressure is what it should be and i do not get colds at the drop of a hat.
Ask yourself WHY would any goverment want to ban e cigarettes when so many offer only positives but you can freely buy tobacco cigarettes?? Surely any goverment who really cared about its peoples health would introduce a complete ban overnight.
Answer?? MONEY.
This is my opinion and maybe not shared by others. LOL

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elena on 29 April 2013 08:46
My uncle was a chain smoker and after switching to e cigarettes he has reduced smoking and now he use to vape e cigarettes and that too with low level of nicotine once in a day. There is improvement in his health and sleep. Moreover we are not affected with the smoke now that is produced from tobacco cigarettes.
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Dan on 25 June 2013 12:13
I have smoked the killer stuff for 40 years! Although aware for some time e-cigs are available, i ignored them believing they would not satisfy my addiction. Well, i woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago and accepted that i am a shadow of my former 'reasonably' fit self and fed-up of spending fortunes on highly taxed ciggies! So, i can honestly say taking up vaping is probably one of the best moves i've made in 20 years! I have not touched a cigarette for two weeks and i'm not missing them! WOW for all the obvious reasons i am liberated & totally recommend vaping to kick the habit & as Simon explained, over time reducing nicotine levels to zero is a fantastic way to go! That said, I believe as e-cigs have steadily grown in popularity, to include veteran smokers as myself, the government with all it's usual 'humanitarian' concerns (bless em) will do it's utmost to get on it, ka'ching!!!
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ego tank on 10 August 2013 12:56
I don't think it is a good idea to ban e cigarettes without any proper evidence.The e cigarettes are quite safe & healthy as compared to regular cigarettes.
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Pharmacy Wholesale on 28 August 2013 10:21
It's really pleasure to read your post. Thank you so much for writing such a nice post.
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shannon wise on 26 August 2015 13:05
Well cigarettes are injurious to health. still there are many people who want to quit smoking but they are so addicted that are unable to do so. For them, there is a product which will help them to < a href="">quit smoking .
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Austin Hart on 01 September 2015 10:27
Really appreciable blog..because its nice matter if every one would quit smoking..deep determination is required for avoiding cigarettes..
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stepehen on 07 September 2015 14:16
nice attempt ... carry on .. :)
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Marita brown on 09 September 2015 14:33
Very nice post. Keep it up!
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Scarlett Sullivan on 05 January 2016 10:36
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Buy Sildalis Online on 08 April 2016 07:25
E-cigarettes is one solution for the people who are addicted to smoking.Your content is really informative thanks for sharing!!
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modafinil bulk supplier on 25 April 2016 06:06
Read your blog its really informative. E-Cigarettes will help smokers to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.
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love2learnwebsite on 30 March 2017 22:06
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This Collection on 30 March 2017 22:11
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